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I’ve been feeling like a blob of clay lately, rearranged and pushed in ways that are not comfortable. Being comfortable, peace at all times tends to be my motto! This challenge to leave my complacency has happened most of my life and I should be used to it. Yet as I look back I can see that when I resist the potter’s hands life becomes more difficult, painful and unfruitful. The times I have embraced The Potter’s gentle, loving spinning and molding, the baking and glazing I see in myself something wonderful that amazes me! I can see that I have been, am being molded into a vessel that my Father God can use for His glory!


Urban Blooming

My husband’s and my favourite thing to do when we visited the city was to walk the neighbourhood streets admiring the character gardens and homes.  Yet my personal preference has always been in living on a rainforest island with acres of trees, deer, isolated homes, dirt paths through canopies of foliage and where quietness abounds.  So when God orchestrated (the melodies of provision and family drowning out the discord of my preferences and comfort) we moved to the bustling city.

Today, nearing the anniversary of our move, I walked home along the paved sidewalks and actually had a delightful time enjoying  our urban neighbourhood.

The nearer I came to my home the realization of what a change God lovingly and graciously had done in my heart washed over me. In solitude I walked under a canopy of trees, then across a beautiful field with daisies, butter cups and clover, to our apartment’s community garden flourishing in the absence of deer.

Our community room, hallways and bright cosy suite often echo with the voices of long-time friends, our children and grandchildren who could not afford the distant grandeur of my rainforest island.

This evening, as I relax here in city solitude (the faint rush of traffic, the roar of the crowds at the neighbouring stadium, folks chatting on the street and footsteps, voices echoing, doors closing in the hallway): I am thankful for a all-knowing, loving God  who knows best. I am learning that where God wants you, is the best place to be.

Hebrews: 13. 5. Be …. content with such things as you have, for he has said, “I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you.”