Renovations  I am a country girl living in the city for a short time. Lying in bed on a warm, July morning I could hear the city waking up through the open window. The roar and swish invaded my room and my comfort along with the much coveted breeze. It reflected the challenges I did not want to face in the day ahead.


Warm peace washed over me.

Bang! Crash! pierced my balm as the basement renovation next door resumed. Large debris hitting the sides of the dumpster. Ouch! Lord I do not want this!


Like warm waves on sandy Vancouver beaches I visited recently…. the peace of God washed over me.

Bang, Bang, Crash! Renovations, clearing out for the new. Oh the pain!


More waves of peace, rest.

Crash! Bang!

Close the window! Stop it!


Waves crashing, slamming on the rocky shore, rubbing, wearing, breaking, grinding. The waves recede revealing warm, soft, golden sand.




It’s about Him….

Arbutus tree at Pioneer Pacific

There is an arbutus tree outside our window surrounded by wonderful, rainforest, coastal island beauty. I contemplate how we have been so positively led to this place the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and as I face life’s challenges I wonder again:  “Who am I, What am I doing here?”  Then I am reminded of His gentle and surprising response to me when I asked that before: A quiet whisper in my heart, He said: “Find out who I AM, and what I AM doing!”

There are arbutus trees in every corner, along every path in this place living their beauty. Whenever I feel lost and face challenges, I know that like these trees, He is here and I need to seek  Him, El Shaddai, He is here in all His beauty and love. It’s about HIM and what HE is doing!

Scale Tale


This is a touching story that I became a part of when I posted this baking scale on “Quadra Island Swap and Shop” Facebook Page. It goes as follows:

April Conchie Antique, collectors baking scale … lots of history in this, comes from one of the old bakeries on Fraser St. in Vancouver. $45.00  This still works well, my baker husband used it in our bakery to weigh out the bread dough. April 8 at 1:06pm

Lydia Brittany Peter remembers these, he used to work at a bakery on 54th and Fraser St. when he was a kid. He says this is a scale for weighing out bread. On one side is a one pound weight and the other side is where you would put your piece of dough that had to weigh 16 ounces. 1945-1946. April 8 at 8:41pm

Naomi Terry Lydia imagine if this was one he used as a young man!! How cool would that be! April 8 at 9:14pm

Carla Duffey very cool!!!!!! thats cool he used to work there Tuesday at 8:04am

April Conchie Amazing…it is the one. That is where we got it from "Wonder Bakery" on 54th and Fraser. It was a German Bakery and was moving it’s business across the bridge in Langley. Michael bought the scale from one of the sons of the original owner … that was in 1996 Tuesday at 1:30pm

Meanwhile I got a private message:

Carla Duffey Hi, if nobody takes the scale, I can offer you 30 for it, I’d love for it to be at Yellow Dog and love to gift it to them but cannot afford to pay 45…??? 2:00pm

April Conchie Carla the scale is yours….we would love the yellow dog to have it. $30. is great. I’ll clean it up some more (still has some of Michael’s flour on it) Friday is a good day to pick it up.

I didn’t check my messages again that day. Michael and I stopped in The Yellow Dog Health Food Store on Wednesday to deliver something to Lydia. Michael had an animated conversation with Peter, reminiscing about the old bakery. When I came home and checked Facebook again I saw that Lydia had made two more postings:

Lydia Brittany Was that Richard or Neena? WE would love to purchase this please OMG. so amazing. Peter said he lived right behind the Bakery. How wonderful!Tuesday at 7:47pm · Like

Lydia Brittany This morning Peter told me that he worked there between the ages of 7 and 11. His friend was the owner’s oldest son Richard. He would help after school and weekends and made 50 cents a week. and in the summer they would make 2.50 a week, when they worked all week.Wednesday at 8:29am · Edited · Like · 2

Sue Mitchell What a cool story! Sounds like something cbc radio would tell Wednesday at 9:59am · Like · 1

I quickly checked with Carla Duffey and then made this post … and it carried on:

April Conchie Lydia Brittany I’m so sorry! I sold it to someone before I saw that you wanted it! The person I sold it to really wanted it.Wednesday at 3:58pm · Like · 1

Lydia Brittany These things happen. It was wonderfully exciting and created a space for Peter to share his history for that I am grateful. things are just things but through this I have memories of his life and that is what is the most precious thing.Wednesday at 6:51pm · Like · 6

Cristina Fox What a sad ending to the story……Thursday at 9:06am · Like

Lydia Brittany would the person who bought it be willing to show Peter the scale by bringing it into Yellow Dog. I think it would be a treat to just even see it.Thursday at 8:20pm · Like

Lydia Brittany WAIT There is more! Our dear friend Carla Duffey of Lime Soda Photography bought this scale as a surprise for Peter and I and what a surprise it was! She said that when she read the story she noticed I did not bid on it right away and wanted to be sure Peter got it. WHAT a Darling! How selfless, thoughtful and kind. WOW what a friend. SO it is sitting on the kitchen table and Carla says "with one condition and that is I can borrow it to photograph babies on it!" Peter has not seen it yet….oh boy!

A happy ending and a glimpse of life on Quadra Island where we live.


Advent Banners

His banner over me is love ……

Banners by me…December 2012


Hope;The first candle in the advent wreathHope.  What is hope? Rom_8:24 & 25  Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?  But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Many times in my life when a change in my life is coming about I have held onto Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for blessing and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”    In the past year, again, I have seen the fulfillment of this promise over and over. I am learning to keep my eyes on Yeshua, He is our hope…And: 2Co 4:18  “Things that are seen don’t last forever, but things that are not seen areHoly Spirit Dove eternal. That’s why we keep our minds on the things that cannot be seen.” So I conclude with:  Rom_15:13  “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

The dew of Heaven

My dew on the fields Deu 32:2 “When the dew came down…at night, the manna came down with it.” Numbers 11:9

My teaching is dropping like rain, coming down like dew on the fields…” Deu 32:2

This morning I looked out at our field and was noticing the dew glistening on the grass. The sun was shining, everything was sparkling…a glow of green.

Oh Lord, that is you! You envelope us with your refreshing, cleansing, life giving dew (love) from heaven, restoring so that we glow and sparkle with joy!

Jennifer, you were asking me what is heaven like … ah I don’t know exactly …sometimes I long to be there, but this morning, looking out at that field and getting the revelation of His great love for us, I can say, Jennifer, that when you embrace Him and His word , He will put heaven in your heart and give you eyes to see a glimpse of it here on earth!   




Deep in thought and apprehensive about a revelation of changes I needed to make in my life, I sat in my favourite corner with a cup of tea. Then I glanced over at a planter and saw a vine we had planted 6 years ago. What is that on my plant? Some plastic thing a recent child visitor had left? Something was stuck on there. No! A flower! flowers! Deep red tube bell flowers! All over the plant springing up every where.

“Dear, are you busy right now? Come up and see something amazing!”

I was still bending over the plant marvelling over this little miracle, when he came in, work clothes and rolled up sleeves.  A long silence as he took it in.

The thought flitted through my mind. “God is telling you something”

Last year that plant had been in a dark place. We re-potted and fertilized  it, put it in the light.  Now that the light had been shed on the heavy burden I had been carrying, God promised that with change, endurance and faith, the outcome would be promising.

A small special moment, a visual revelation that I and my Dear could remember and hold onto in the days ahead.